Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Computer Crash!

Well, i have no photos and i cannot access any posts i have created to post this week. Our old computer is finally beyond repair and i am typing from our brand new laptop. However, this laptop will not let me access any saved posts to publish them...So, until i work the kinks out, i will be visiting you, but will not be able to post anything new...for now.
I think i'll go and visit some of your blogs now! Maybe i can leave comments???


Paula said...

*UGH!* I'm so sorry Mare~ I had that happen to me once and I hope it never happens again! Hope you're up and running again soon... take care dear friend!

Mare said...

Hi Paula! This is SO frustrating!!! But we are making progress...very
s-l-o-w-l-y... I have to use only new photos until we recover our memory from the old main computer, and the system on this laptop posts differently than the main computer did/does...It will be good to be reconnected again! I've missed you!