Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Creative Meditation

Peace Be With You
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

May Beauty Surround You...

Lately i have been drawn to making prayer beads...
(this rosary is SOLD)
For me, this has always been a form of sacred art, and a prayerful and meditative process

And with all the turmoil in the World these last few weeks and months,

i have found peace in the simple repetitive act of bending the wire around the beads and medals that go into making each one

Ever since i was a young girl, i have had a fascination with all kinds of prayer beads

They are simple little tools to help keep you focused on your prayers and meditations
focused on the positive and not the negative
and when you feel hopeless, they remind you that you can always make a difference thru prayer and positive thought and action

and with each use, the prayerful energy builds up in the beads, and makes it a personal sacred tool in itself

These are just a few of the rosaries (and malas) i have available in my Etsy shop

And my pocket rosaries are on sale now...Just in time for Easter


Paula said...

Those are all so beautiful, Mare... but the fact that you put so much of your heart into each one makes them so special....

Mare said...

Thank you Paula...i do believe that when you are doing something(or making something) it is important that you do it with the right intention. If it is a tool for prayer and meditation, it should be made in a prayerful and meditative way. If it is a toy for a child, it should be made with Love and Joy. If it is a hat or scarf to keep someone warm, it should also be made with love and compassion...

Archie and Melissa said...

oh my gosh mare,
these are so beautiful!
i love them all!

Mare said...

Awww Thanks Melissa!

Karin said...

So beautiful!!! Even reading your post was a peace-inducing thing!