Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Just now, outside the front door
across the street
the bird feeders
our front door
down the street to the right
and to the left. We got about a foot of snow and still counting. I love it!
Read about our snow totals here!


Paula said...

Yay!! You finally got your snow, Mare!! It is breathtaking~ should make for some fabulous paintings.. *wink wink*
Your home is so beautiful and cozy...*sigh*... I wish I lived closer, I would drop in for a cuppa!

Mare said...

Morning Paula! Yes, we finally got a big one! Some places nearby got over 3 feet! That is a bit TOO much! And i guess i should rename the post. It wasn't technically a Noreaster, more a blizzard, coming across the country, not down from the North... I wish you lived closer too. I'd have the hot coffee all ready for your visit!