Saturday, October 23, 2010

My own little Pumpkin Patch

My own little Pumpkin Patch is right here on my kitchen table! These little Pumpkin Dumpling hats have been flying off the shelves at Artcentric in downtown Troy NY.

It a really cute way of keeping those little heads warm and dry in this chilly Autumn weather and to dress up a bit in honor of Halloween and Pumpkin Season!
Here is my little model Lola trying an Apple Dumpling hat on for size...
I think my girl will need a sweater to go over that little outfit very soon!


Mary Anne Gruen said...

The hats are adorable!

And I love the beautiful artwork you have on your blog. Especially the top one! It's perfect for fall!

Lola Nova said...

Those are the sweetest little hats ever!

Mare said...

Thank you Mary Anne and Lola Nova! But after making about a dozen of them in the last few weeks, i'm ready to let the pumpkins go! :)
Thank you Mary Anne for your sweet compliment on my paintings.