Friday, September 3, 2010

Lola's Tomatoes

This year i bought all my tomato plants from the Troy Farmer's market. And because Lola was interested in her own garden, i bought her her own tomato plant
I chose all sorts of heirloom tomato varieties for the garden

but decided to get her a special plant, different from all the others. So i bought a cherry tomato plant called "Sugar Sweet"
(just because the name reminded me of the little girl who would tend the plant! ;)
What a wonderful time we are having in the garden with this plant. Every time Lola comes over for a visit, she goes out with her crocks on and her basket on her arm and we pick handfuls of super sweet and tasty tomatoes. And she is standing in front of her tomato plant in these pictures. Yes, that big bush behind her is Lola's tomato plant! It's huge!

I am hoping this little taste of gardening will stay with her for her lifetime.

And i hope we have many more years to share this love of gardening together...


Nancy said...

Mare, I know she will gain much more than gardening from her gamma!!!What a beautiful teacher, love you

Mare said...

Awww Thank you Nance. I love you too!
(PS- Lola talks about her Aunt Nancy a LOT )