Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baby Bears...

Two little garter stitch teddy bear friends headed out to a Holiday fundraiser later on today. They are wearing their newly crocheted scarves to keep them warm. They hope to find their new homes with a holiday shopper tonight!


Lola Nova said...

Stella: "I want the pink one!"

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my gosh mare!

they are fabulous!

i want the blue one! :)

m & e

Rima said...

OMG. These are mega cute!

Laura said...

Hi Mare,
I want two, too! Can you make some more and ship two to California in time for Christmas?
I'm serious. They look so soft and sweet.
Pretty please?

Mare said...

Thanks everyone! These two little bears are perched on a shelf at The Paper Sparrow, getting ready for Troy Night Out, a Holiday fundraiser and The Victorian Stroll, all taking place in the next few weeks in downtown Troy, NY. With all these upcoming events we have been working very hard to fill the shelves at the store, but i am working hard to get a few of these little teddies, as well as the Mother Bear teddies in my Etsy shop that will be ready real soon! Thanks for all your super sweet support and comments. It really means a lot to me!

Mare said...

Hi Laura, i'll try!

june at noon said...

I love the little scarves! So cute!

Laura said...

Just let me know when they become available, you know where to find me!

And if Xmas is too soon, I have a niece's birthday in the summer.
Plus, my dog ate the eyes off my personal cozy, who I've had since I was 3, so I may need one. Cozy's just arent the same without eyes. :-(


Mare said...

Hi Laura,
Do you want a pink and blue set or will other colors do? I have a rust and a hemp colored pair getting sewn up to put in my shop. If you want the pink and blue i will start them next! Just let me know! Thanks Laura!
PS- so sorry to hear about your cozy and his eyes....can you patch him up and add new button eyes? I have a few teddies and one Raggedy Ann who have had "puppy accidents" and i think once the shock of the accident wears off and they get patched up, it actually adds character to their little bodies! :)Maybe you could post a picture of the cozy and we could see if repairs can be made?

Laura said...

Hi Mare,
Do you happen to have a purple and an aqua for the bears? If not, another pastel would be nice. The girls have a turquoise and purple bedroom!

I posted a cozy photo a long time ago. Let me see if I can find it. I got him when I was three and have repaired and washed him so many, many times!
Cute, huh?
Have a Happy Thanksgiving with all your family!