Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday Stroll

A few weeks ago, on a Sunday morning, Bill and i set out to check out a fairly new local Farmer's Market, in the town of Waterford, NY. It's just a hop, skip and jump from our little city.
I go to the Farmer's Market in Troy, NY almost every Saturday morning on my way in to help my daughter Katie at her shop, The Paper Sparrow. And this little Market had some of the same Farmer's stalls set up, as well as some new wares for us to look at.
Like the Market in Troy, this Farmer's Market is also set right along the Hudson river, but this one is overlooking the Erie Canal Locks. So not only did we have wonderful pottery and produce to peruse...
but also some pretty colorful boats and tug boats to check out

The morning started out chilly and overcast, but soon the clouds and fog burned off and the pale Fall sunlight warmed us all up.

Here's Bill talking to a fisherman

and then he sat and warmed himself in the sun while listening to some live music

There were little cafe tables set up and benches galore to sit on and just enjoy the river, and watch life go by
This little Market only ran for one more weekend and then it was done for the year. I'm so glad we stopped by and discovered how nice it was. We will definitely be back in the Spring!

But with the colors of Fall in the trees, it will be a while before we shop at the Market here again.


Lola Nova said...

That is just the sort of Sunday stroll I love! How picturesque next to the canals with those boats. We are always a little blue when the markets are gone for the season and then await them with great joy and anticipation come spring! Thanks for the pictures, they brought a little sun into my dark damp Monday.

Laura said...

What an idyllic day. I'd love to visit that place, so unlike where I live!

I love the water color at the top of your blog, it's GORGEOUS!

Your blog friend,

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi mare!
oh what a treasure you found! that is a fabulous market!

how fun to now have it to look forward to this spring!

Theresa said...

Looks fun. Blessings to all!