Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My Sister sent me pictures of the new puppies this morning! The pics were taken in low light and a few are a little bit blurry, but i couldn't wait to share the pictures with you! Here's Momma, Miss P, with her 4 babies..Here's one little adventurous guy
and here are the other three.

Here's a picture of Momma and babies so you can see how small they are... At first glimpse they look all black with white markings, but they are tri-colored, with bits of brown fur here and there.

This is a little blurry but you can see the brown markings in this picture.

Momma resting with her babies

But as you can see, they don't stay still for very long! Momma has her hands...er...paws full!


crimsoncat05 said...

congrats to Miss P. on such cuuuute little puppies!! (love those little pink paws!) Your sister will probably have her hands full, too...

Lola Nova said...

Really, it is a scientific fact that nothing is cuter than baby animals!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my goodness mare!

how wonderful!

your photos made my whole day!

so cute!

m & e

Mare said...

Yep! They are so cute... I'll update with new pictures as soon as i can!

teddybearswednesday said...

SOOOO beautiful Mare!!
( thank you for your lovely comment on my unfinished bear, it really meant alot - I've finally finished him!!)

Mare said...

Hi Jess! I can't wait to see your finished bear! You really make magic with those bears!