Thursday, September 24, 2009

End Of Summer Birthday Bash

At the end of Summer, right after school starts up for the year, we celebrate Seth and Lola's birthday. They were born on the very same day, but seven years apart. Carly and Jeremie had a big birthday party in the back yard, and everyone was invited. And what a beautiful day it was too!
There was a little fairy at the party!
Lola's Aunt Kate bought her an outfit for her special day, and Daddy bought her balloons.

This little fairy was irresistible and her Gumma couldn't help but hug her all day long!

Lola was fascinated by her Minnie Mouse and Elmo balloons

a kiss for the balloons...
Sadly, they flew away during the party but i am sure the birds really enjoyed them too

Here is the little Lola Fairy snacking in the garden...

Oops! Frosting on her crinoline!

The other half of the birthday brigade was very busy hiding in trees and running thru the neighborhood. Here is the Commando Unit resting for a bit before they charged around the block again.... I was very fortunate to catch them sitting still for a moment. I think the birthday boy was trying to avoid birthday kisses and hugs by constantly moving and changing locations...This strategy worked for most of the day...Eventually he was captured and held prisoner by the huggers at the party.
There were little Commandos too!

And the Commando team even accepted recruits!

As she was the only girl at the party, Lola loves to play with the boys!

There were bubbles to blow...

and magic red sparkle shoes to wear!

"matoes" to eat...(Lola's favorite veggie-tomatoes)

and fairy wear to share! Here is GG (Lola's Great Grandmother and my Mom) trying on Lola's headband. Silly GG!

Then it was time to take a little break before opening up the birthday presents!

This year, Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba, and yes, even Barbie were big at the party for Lola.

While Seth got some cool clothes, GI Joe action figures, Lego building sets, and money!

Lola shared her new Elmo phone.

and Seth's friends admired his birthday stash.

Lola with her new cloche from Aunt Sandy...

Finally the gifts were all unwrapped and it was time for the cake.
and it was DEeeeeLICIOUS!


Lola Nova said...

What a fun day and beautiful children!
Stella was looking at your pictures with me, when she saw the photos of Lola she asked, "Is that my sister?"
"Can she come visit us later?"

Donna said...

What a Sweetie Pie Fairy!!LOL...Precious!
My grandbabies call me Gamma...hughugs

Nancy said...

Hi Mare Thanks for sharing> I've been waiting to see pics. Wish I could have been there to play with the Bouys.......But this is the next best thing, thanks my life at home line, I love you, Nan

Small Pines said...

What a gorgeous Birthday babe! That looks a terrific party! Thanks for the pics, as always.

Mare said...

Lola Nova, tell my little friend Stella that i think they ARE sisters, just from different Mothers! :)She is such a sweetie! Lola would love to play with her...Maybe someday....

Mare said...

Thank you Donna! It's great to be a Gumma/Gamma, isn't it?

Mare said...

I love you too Nance!

Mare said...

Thank you CM! I've gotta get over there to Small Pines and visit you today! I miss you...