Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Bad News - The Contompasis Gallery Fire

Do you remember these posts on my blog around this time last year ? I have a friend named Samson Contompasis, who is a very talented multi media artist. Since these posts last Summer, he has returned from Europe to make his home here in the Capital District. As a matter of fact, he actually moved into an old warehouse/building in downtown Albany, and created living space for himself, his brothers and his Dad, AND a super beautiful art gallery, featuring not only his and his family's work, but many local artists.

Well, last night there was a terrible fire in the building and it looks like they lost...well...just about everything....including the family dog. I just felt terrible about this all day long.

I got a note from Sam tonight and he is going back into the building tomorrow and start to rebuild. He is quite an amazing young man... Please say a prayer that they are able to turn this around. If anyone can, Sam can.


Lola Nova said...

Oh that is just so sad, I truly feel for them. I hope that he can keep up his determination and rebuild something beautiful. Let him know there are folks all the way in Oregon pulling for him.

Peng Peng said...

I'm so sorry for his loss :( He is a resilient individual to jump right back in and start to rebuild. Art is a powerful thing and thankfully he can continue to create!

Mare said...

Thank you Lola Nova and Peng Peng. Sam and his brothers have already started the rebuild. You can't keep a good man(men) down!

Anonymous said...

Terrible. I'm so sorry about Xena--I hope he is able to rebuild and maybe create a piece of art in Xena's honor.