Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I want to thank all of my friends out there who have sent loving messages, left caring supportive comments and are praying for us. You will never know how much i appreciate this. Bill is still at Albany Medical Center. He is in a sort of limbo. The surgery was a success, but they are having no success at getting his bowel to wake up and start working again. Being paralyzed from the chest down, it has never worked very well, but since the surgery...well....nothing. I don't know how long the doctors will try to get things going again. It has been six days since the surgery. He may need more surgery, possibly an ostomy. I trust we are in good hands, and in God's arms. Tomorrow is Bill's birthday. There will be no cake this year as he is not eating yet. But we will find a way to celebrate. Thank you all, and if you can, keep sending prayers and good wishes our way...love, mare


Kelli said...

Thanks for the update and please keep us posted. God bless.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

dear mare and bill

i am thinking of you both and sending you all of my love.


nicole. said...

Hi Mary Ellen,

I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you and Bill.


Farm Chick Paula said...

I'm so sorry, Mare- I'm still sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.... please keep us updated.
Hugs to you and Bill.

theresa said...

I am certain is was for Bill. The day I found it, earlier that day our daughter found a candy near Amma's chair and inquired about it to one of her attendants, the lady told her if you find it, it's meant for you. I found 2 packs of vibhuti later that day and thought, these are meant for someone else - not sure who. I gave one to a friend with an ill child.

It's for him. Plus I bought several packs already for our family to have on hand. I am in NY now and if you send your address to tmarks14@aol.com I will mail it today so it can arrive quickly.

Laura said...

Thinking of you and Bill and your whole family! Stay strong.

Lots of love from your internet friend,