Thursday, July 2, 2009


In a few weeks i will be taking some of my Family members to see Amma again. She is in New York on 7/7-7/9, and we will be seeing her in Boston on July 15th(15-18th). I have come to see this as a yearly pilgrimage to be in the presence a Holy woman who helps me reconnect and rejuvenate my tired and worn physical self with my strong and loving spiritual self. This video below is an interview done during Darshan in New York City. You can see how busy and noisy it can be. But once Amma takes you in her arms and rocks you and whispers her prayers in your ears, all the noise and the troubles stop, just for that moment. It may be hard to hear the interview, which is very good. But i thought you might like to see what it is like to be with Amma during darshan.

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