Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Knitty Gritty

Just because Spring is here, doesn't mean the yarn and needles go away. I plan to keep knitting and crocheting all Summer long, making little light weight cotton things and some dolls and bears, and making warm woolen things for the cold months to come
(and we all know they will be back all too soon!) We've been putting the Winter hats away and i've been busy knitting up some all cotton, light weight hats for the little ones out there. Gotta keep those little heads covered from the sun!
I took a "finishing" class with my knitting teacher Linda last week, and since she sat me down and taught me the invisible seam technique, i am feeling much better about my seams!

These little booties are so simple and are going on the shelf at The Paper Sparrow.

And these scarflettes are being packed away for next Fall and Winter.

Here's an update on the lace shawl i started...It's coming along, slowly but surely! I've REALLY got to pay attention to this pattern or i will make a big mistake so i only work on this when i can without being distracted or disturbed. I really do like working with lace tho...

Here's a close up of that pattern ...

And i started this lace scarf, done in a very fine metallic rayon yarn. The pattern is less complicated than the cotton shawl, and good practice for me.

It reminds me of honey comb when you see it up close... I hope someday soon to have a few pieces i can be proud of, all done in lace ...


Lola Nova said...

Aren't you a wonder! I love, love that little baby hat, such an interesting pattern. The little booties are killing me, I want the ones with the red buttons, not sure what I would use them for - just save them for a gift I suppose :) and the lace shawl is coming along so beautifully! Oh, and those scarflettes, I'll have to order some from you come Fall, I mean it.

I haven't been making anything lately as I am in the midst of a major sewing space overhaul. I can barely walk through there now. I am hoping by the end of the week it will be a clean, organized and nicely flowing space. Wish me luck.

Hilary said...

I made the BREAD!!!!! OMG....it was a smash hit, and it was marvelous!!!! Thank you so much for that little tip.
And I see you are making "scarfletts" by the dozens.....good for you.

Stacey said...

Such patience you have! And such talent. I love your work, and those booties make me want to have another baby! LOL

Melissa and Emmitt said...

wow mare!
you are amazing and so ispiring. your lace is coming along, and not one project, but two!

they are gorgeous!

the booties are so cute!

all i can say is wow!

Mare said...

Thanks everybody! Lola Nova, i know how it is when your creative space is all torn up and you get jammed in your creativity. My studio is still all torn up so every project i have going now is portable and is currently cluttering up my kitchen table.... yuck...Hilary, i am SO glad you got that book and tried that bread! I've also made the rye bread and for Easter, the Limpa. That Limpa bread is delicious!
Stacey you made me laugh...Maybe it would be easier to just put the booties on one of your sock dogs! hahaha And Melissa, YOU are the amazing one! Thanks again!

Karin said...

It has been such a joy watching your knitting progress. You are doing such great work!!!!
Those little booties are to die for.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Those are all so gorgeous, Mare- I LOVE the little booties!