Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Teaching myself how to knit Continental Style

I have been taking knitting classes at The Paper Sparrow and have been working hard on this new skill every day. But what i have been noticing is that when i work with the smaller sized needles, my hands and wrists hurt, especially my right hand and wrist. I have been doing some reading on this issue and have read that knitting Continental style is not only a faster way to knit, but that it seems to put less stress on your hands and wrists and is more comfortable for folks with arthritis. So, after searching in YouTube, i found this short video on how to do the garter or knit stitch using the Continental method. At first it was awkward as all get out, but isn't everything awkward at first? So after working on it for a few hours, i'm getting the hang of it! Here's the video:

After a little more practice, it's on to learn how to purl Continental style!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi mare!
oh how fun!
it is always exciting to learn how to do something new, especially about something you have already learned a different way. good for you!

Claire said...

Looks great Mare! I am only just learning how to knit the other way, so I don't want to try this way and confuse myself in the process. Do I? I haven't even learned how to purl yet.

Mare said...

Hi Melissa and Claire! I don't know if i would bother trying this new way if i didn't have a good reason, but my wrist gets so sore after working on things like gloves, mittens, and someday socks (i hope!) It sounds funny to say to people that i have a "knitting injury"!!! ;)

City Mouse said...

You know, that video may just get me to try needle knitting again. I'm totally going to the yarn store.

Mare said...

Go for it CM! You won't be sorry!

Karin said...
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Zitrone said...

I have been knitting the "continental" way all my life because that's how I was taught as a little girl in Germany. Just in the last few years I have rediscovered knitting, and I have been knitting afghans like crazy. Whenever I see other women knit, I am surprised at the amount of effort they have to use to knit the "other" way. I have severe osteoarthritis, so the continental way is not only easier on my hands and shoulders, it actually keeps my joints more flexible. And if you are just learning to knit, please try the continental way. It is soooo easy.
My daughter sent me the link to your blog, and I'd like to read more. So I'll be back.