Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Sister!

It's my sister's birthday today. Since we decided not to exchange gifts for Christmas any more, (there are WAY too many of us, so instead we decided to focus on the kids in the family) we make a bit of a fuss over birthdays. And that's just fine with me! This is a necklace and earring set i made of cut crystal that will be part of my sister's birthday gift....

along with this frosty bottle of "Mare's Moonshine". It's not actually moonshine, but a coffee liqueur i enjoy making and storing in the basement. This particular batch was made in 2005, and should be nice and smooth, sweet, and have quite a kick to it as well! So...

Happy Birthday! Here's a little sparkle

and some bubbly too


Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh those are wonderful gifts, Mare!! I love the name "Mare's Moonshine"! It sounds wonderful.
The necklace and earrings are so pretty- you did a wonderful job! (as usual!)

Alpaca Granny said...

True gifts of love.

Lola Nova said...

The crystal set is lovely! What a wonderful gift. I like the crackled white china you have them on. I have some old ironstone that looks like that.

My grandma Alta used to make a coffee liqueur that I thought was delicious. She never did give me that recipe darn it :)

Karin said...

I am nominating you for an award on my blog. Please come check it out!!

Mare said...

Thanks everybody! Sandy loved her jewelry and her moonshine! ;)
Lola Nova, the recipe is simple...
4 cups of sugar
2 cups boiling water
1 cup good quality instant coffee
3 T vanilla extract
1 fifth 80 proof vodka
Mix dry ingredients together, then slowly add the boiling water and mix until dissolved. Let cool completely and add vodka. Pour into bottles and let sit for at least 3 weeks. The longer it ages, the better and smoother it tastes! Enjoy!