Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mitten Madness (and other things...)

Mittens have taken up a lot of time around here
I am still working on the adult mittens (dark maroon wool at the top of the photo) and for me it is mighty slow going. We'll see if i finally get it tonight at class at The Paper Sparrow.
The red acrylic mittens are "thumbless" mitts for toddlers. i found the pattern on line. They fit Lola perfectly! But while we were working at The Paper Sparrow during the Victorian Stroll on Sunday, a young couple and their little baby saw my mittens and asked if i made smaller ones to fit their infant. So...i took that basic pattern, adapted the cuff from just plain garter stitch to a rib knit stitch, used smaller needles and finer yarn, and the infant mitts are coming out just right! What a rush! I actually figured this out myself! I promised them i would have a few pair of thumbless mitts hanging on the wall at the shop by the weekend and i think it is going to happen!

And here is my lovely hat model Lola, wearing a little hat i made a few weeks ago and have for sale at The Paper Sparrow ... (It's a good thing she doesn't demand payment for her work!)
And just for fun, here is a picture of our Lola, (sent to me just last night via email from her Mommie) sitting on her caterpillar rocker (an early Christmas present) wearing her hat that i made for her. I cannot tell you how much happiness i feel that she actually LIKES her hat and wants to wear it, even indoors! It makes all the late night knitting lessons and sore wrists and fingers all worth it!


Melissa and Emmitt said...
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Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi mare!
oh your whole post just made me smile from ear to ear! lola is the cutest little girl - ever!

she is so lucky to have you!


p.s. the deleted comment above is me not being able to type without typos today. :)

Mare said...

Well thank you Melissa! I am so lucky to have our Lola. We are, all of us, lucky to have someone to love, aren't we?
I've got two pair of mittens finished, one pair in the making(using the magic loop technique) OIY! I am so fumbly with those needles sometimes, but i don't let that stop me! hahaha