Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Not yet......

 It's January 15th...We are already half way thru January
(does anybody else out there feel like time is speeding up?)
 Even so, we are still a LONG way from Spring.
 But with the thaw and all the rain we have gotten here these last 3 or 4 days, my herbs have been tricked into thinking it is Spring and time to wake up. I noticed this yesterday but it was too dark to take pictures. Above you can see my fancy Thyme, with a thin coating of frost on it.
My strawberry plants are frozen solid under a thick glaze of clear ice.
Very pretty...I know they are protected under there...
And this is my cat mint or cat nip, pushing up thru the old wilted growth. .
My indoor houseplants are responding more to the light coming into the windows and they are starting to put out new growth too, tho a bit early. Some of my smaller indoor trees lost most or all of their leaves this Fall and it will be nice to have them green again. Maybe we will have an early Spring.

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crimsoncat05 said...

an early spring would be nice, no matter what the groundhog said- loL!! I love your plant photos; they always make me nostalgic for my garden!