Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Rosaries in the Shop!

 I've been taking a little break from knitting and crocheting to give my hands and fingers a little break. So what do i do? Pick up the metal smithy tools and start bending wire. Talk about being hard on your fingers and hands....

 Lately i've been obsessed with making rosaries and chaplets. I find it to be
 just as relaxing as knitting and crochet. This is a full sized, hand chained traditional style rosary.
 A full sized hand chained rosary takes a long time to put together. You have to prepare and stretch the wire, plan your design, and bend the hard wire around each and every bead, connecting them as you go along. It's well worth the time and effort tho, because once finished you have an heirloom quality rosary made to be passed down to friends and family. This rosary is made with beautiful blood red and sparkling clear faceted glass crystal beads.
I also make smaller, more affordable pocket sized hand chained rosaries. They consist of one full decade of the rosary, and are meant to be more portable. I make these smaller versions the same exact way as the full sized rosaries
This one is made of the semi precious stone, Tiger Eye, and has a modern masculine feel to me, but is suitable for both men and women

and this pocket rosary is made of semi precious fluorite rondelle beads i chose for their variety of colors.
For more information on my rosaries, pocket rosaries, mala  and prayer beads, please visit my shop, Moon*&*Stars Studio, or click here

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