Sunday, March 25, 2012

I am reading: Vertical Gardening

I am getting ready for Spring big time! I have a big project i need to get started on soon , and this book is giving me tons of good ideas...I need to make better use of the small piece of earth we live on, and especially what we call the "Dog Yard". First, i need to find a better way to keep the outside from coming inside on 24 dog paws in the form of mud. My plans are to forget about trying to grow grass, or even weeds, in that enclosed space. Just too many paws constantly pounding the ground out there. So i need to line the fencing with plastic? or rubber? edging and fill in with straw and a nice safe mulch for the dogs.(Any suggestions for a good safe mulch for pets?) I have also been doing container gardening out there by recycling old plastic pots and tubs. And while it is good to recycle, and it's working fine, it is NOT pretty. So i am getting some good ideas for building my own containers using natural materials, like wood boxes and stone. And lastly, the compost pile behind the garage...So far it has been contained in two large plastic garbage cans with the bottoms cut out. This works fine, except it is very hard to access the finished material at the bottom of the can. So, i am looking at all the nice plans for compost bins i can build. LOTS to do, and i can't wait!

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