Monday, July 18, 2011

The Power of a Sausage stick

Our friend Faustin came to visit today and he brought his sweet dog Jake along too. Rubie LOVES Jake and all the dogs are good friends.
(Jake is the big black dog on the left)
So i gave Faustin a stick of special sausage made by my local butcher that is made especially for dogs. Henry's Market makes this sausage using ground beef, pork and veggies, packed in a natural casing and dried like a pepperoni stick. The dogs
(all 7 of them)...and the cat, and the parrot LOVE this sausage.
Can you see my elderly cat Bella in the middle of that pack of dogs?
If only we could have this power without bribes....


Paula said...

You would have Lily's undivided attention with one of those too, Mare! *hehe*
Too funny that the parrot likes them too!

Archie and Melissa said...

oh my gosh maare!
how fun is that!
that sausage stick is more magical than a wand from harry potter!

Mare said...

Hi Paula! Safou(the parrot) has decided that since there are no birds around here to join in their flock, he is a dog and another member of the dog pack. He even barks like a dog sometimes. Sometimes i feel badly for him. He so much wants to belong....and yet i wonder, if i could ever bring myself to do the "right thing" and bring him to a place like the local "Bird Paradise". I don't know if he could relate to the other birds either. He's a 21 year old hand raised parrot from hatching and only knows our mixed up batch of humans and animals... So, i think he is stuck with us!

Mare said...

Melissa you just made me laugh so hard! You are right! It is a magic wand of sorts!

Isobel said...

Never knew a woofer that didn't like a sausage, and they didn't usually worry about the contents! Lovely post: will definitely be stopping by and am going to follow you too. Nice to meet you.

Mare said...

So nice to "meet" you too Isobel!