Saturday, June 25, 2011

ChildFund Progress Report, Nisansala in Sri Lanka

I love report card time! Once a year i receive report cards from ChildFund, on the progress of my sponsored children.

The wonderful thing about getting a report card is, there is always a new photo tucked inside!

Just LOOK at how Nisansala has grown! She is 9 years old now and her favorite things are playing net ball and reading books! She is in grade 4, and doing very well at school.

This time i got 2 pictures! This is Nisan with her big brother and her Mother standing outside their home.

Nisansala is a gifted artist. This is the picture she drew for me. The title(upside down) is: "My Future Dream"... It is of a woman walking in a garden with a book in her hand, and an animal companion beside her. It sounds like my dream too....
I love you my little Daughter...

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