Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pictures from The Marketplace Gallery Elemental Show

Ok, so i showed you the photos from the 4 Generations Show at The Paper Sparrow in the previous post. Now here are some photos from the Elemental Show at the Marketplace Gallery!

These paintings were very big, tho you can't tell by this picture. The artist is Laura Meyers and she lives in New York City. I liked these paintings very much...

There were many other paintings by various artists all around the gallery, and i was able to take a few pictures, but ran out of space in my camera...(next time i will be sure to download my previous shots before going out to take more...)

This painting was one done by the gallery owner, Samson Contompasis. It's huge! He also had some beautiful fused glass wall hangings and i bought one for myself...(more pictures to come)

And here are my paintings. Sam gave me a very generous space in this show. (Thank you so much Sam !) It was wonderful to stand back and watch people look at my work. One of my paintings sold that opening night!

This little girl and her Mom enjoyed the show and i was happy to see they liked my paintings too...

This was one of my favorite pieces at the show. Sam's Mother Jackie Brickman is a well known local artist, and she made this Pegasus pony just for the Elemental show

I think she was lovely with her feathers, star lights, and a jewel encrusted breastplate... If you live in the Albany area, stop in to visit the Marketplace Gallery and check out the local art scene! There is always something new and exciting to be discovered!


Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

I enjoyed the pictures of the show so much. I like Laura Meyers work, so unusual and thought provoking.
I'm glad everyone liked your work and you sold something, well done!

Sam said...

Hi !

Just wanted to say that i have just discovered your blog...and what a lovely place it is!

I love your doggies!!

Sam (UK Bath)

Mare said...

Thank you Lynne and Sam! I think any art and/or animal lover would enjoy Laura's work. It's amazing...
(and Sam, i love your blog too! :)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi mare!
oh what a fabulous show!
the creative energy comes right through in all of your photos!
how wonderful!

Mare said...

Thanks Melissa!