Friday, February 12, 2010

New Rosaries

Every since i was a little girl i've had a fascination with rosaries and any kind of prayer beads

i used to go to religious education and i loved the nuns in their habits and gowns
and the big rosaries they wore at their waist

i loved the sounds the rosaries made when they would walk by me

And now i love to pray and meditate with my own rosaries and malas

and i totally enjoy making them...

It feels to me like all the while i am bending the wire and selecting the beads

that action is a form of prayer too...

I'll be making more rosaries in the next few days and putting them in my Etsy shop

(The green rosary is SOLD and proceeds sent to Haiti Relief! Thank You!)
The proceeds from the sale of the pocket rosaries will be donated to the Haiti Disaster Relief Fund thru ChildFund International

If you'd like a rosary in a certain color, please write and let me know and i may be able to make one especially for you or a loved one...


Lola Nova said...

They are so beautiful Mare!

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

They are really pretty, I love the 3rd blue one from the top with small blue beads.

Mare said...

Thank You Ladies!