Monday, March 23, 2009

Dolores and her Dairy...

This is Dolores, from Peru. She raises dairy cattle and sells milk for a living. She is a member of Kiva and one of the most recent businesses i have invested in. Imagine delivering milk like this on foot every single day. It must be backbreaking work. As soon as i saw Dolores and her sweet face, i wanted to help. Below is a bit about her and what you will see when you consider investing in a Kiva entrepreneur. Check it out! There are some amazing stories to uncover....and good people who just need a little help.

About the Entrepreneur (For privacy reasons, the Field Partner has requested that last name be undisclosed)
Juliaca, Peru
Primary Activity:
Loan Requested:
Repayment Term:
6 months
-Dolores is a very hardworking 43-year-old woman. She is divorced from her partner and lives independently in a very humble house she owns herself. She is disposed to work very hard to get ahead and improve her life. She is very eager to improve her future, and for this reason she works hard every day selling milk. Her customers seek her out for her tasty, pure milk, because she takes a lot of care to select the milk she sells. She enjoys her work, as it allows her to spend a lot of time in the country with her animals and see that they are well fed. She has been in this business for nine years and hopes to have a place to sell her milk, since she currently acts as a traveling saleswoman and has to walk all day. This is the hardest and understandably the least pleasant part of her work, but she knows that the road to her personal development isn't easy and she is ready to face any difficulty that lies before her. This is Dolores's first loan with MFP. She knows that she must pay on time and is ready to save a little bit each day in order to do so. She is a very happy member of her communal bank, and is beloved by the others. With this loan of 1,000 soles, she will buy more forage to better feed her cows so they will give her more milk to sell.
Translated from Spanish by Trisha Bury, Kiva Volunteer


Claire said...

I love it! Great entrepreneur! I went to Kiva to reinvest some paid back loans yesterday. No loans available to be funded. Boo....

Stacey said...

This is a fascinating concept! I was really inspired by Muhammed Yunus' ideas and this is right in line with that. Peter Singer has written a great book too that I'd like to check out--The Life You Can Save.

I plan to look around the Kiva site this afternoon. Thanks for sharing!

Mare said...

Morning Claire and Stacey! Stacey, i want to tell you that right now they must be doing some sort of publicity campaign, becauuse the people they have available for loans are few. But check out the site and keep looking. Somedays they fill all the loans before the pictures and stories are loaded into the computer and other days they have hundreds of people looking for loans. Claire i know what you mean. When i get my loans paid back and have money to re-loan, it's like that money is burning a hole in my pocket! I can't WAIT to loan it out again. It doesn't occur to me to take it back for my own use. To me, that is money already spent. The fact that you can re-use it any way you want is fantastic! Stacey, not only is this program wonderful and life changing, but it is FUN!I alwqays wished i had enough money to be an "Entrepreneur" and guess what? In my own small little way, i AM!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh that is so wonderful, Mare... and Delores has the most beautiful smile.