Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bunnies, Blankets and Birthdays

 It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by since our friends Randi and Mike welcomed their little girl Paige into this world. And when the birthday was coming up, Randi asked me to make Paige a Bunny Blanket. So, i got to work...

 Paige's new bunny blanket is made with a soft washable, easy care acrylic yarn that gets softer and softer as you wash it. This pattern and yarn has been tested out by my own granddaughter Zoey, who sleeps with her bunny blanket every nap and every night. So i know these little blanket buddies are made to last! I also included a little toddler sized crocheted bunny named Tilly, and tucked them all into a fabric basket i made of old recycled cotton fabric. I thought Randi could use the basket for toys or storage on top of Paige's dresser.

 Here's the bunny blanket all stretched out before i rolled it up and tucked it into the basket and brought it to the party.

And here is Paige opening her present (with a little help from her Mommy and friends) I hope she likes it as much as Zoey does. I started making another pink bunny blanket to put into my shop, but my daughter has requested a back up bunny blanket for when Zoey's bunny needs washing. She cries until the blanket is washed and dried and ready to go again! If i ever do get one or two of these in the shop, keep them in mind for a gift for a baby shower. Little ones really do love them and i charge them with Reiki and Love all while i am making them...Happy Birthday Little Paige! We Love You!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014